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Kimberly Allen, ND
Vashon Natural Medicine
19330 Vashon Highway Southwest
Vashon, WA  98070 United States
Successful Resolution of Severe Back Pain from Failed Lumbar Surgery
A male patient with failed lumbar surgery visited the office of Dr. Kimberly Allen in December 2014. The condition was causing him severe pain and as a result, he was on multiple medications to manage the pain.

Dr. Allen started him on Wei Laboratories herbal patches and herbal intake formula treatments in the first week of January. After an initial 2 weeks of treatment with 6 Large WHITEE Patches and 2 bottles of LC Balancer Capsules, he had no pain and only mild sciatic tingling. The patient continued with another 2 weeks of treatment using 6 Large WHITEE patches and 2 bottles of LC Balancer, and experienced great results. After completing a total of 4 weeks of treatment, the patient felt so much better and has not needed pain medication since.
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