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Michael Biamonte, ND, Nutritionist, CCN
The Biamonte Center
733 Weathersfield Drive
Dunedin, FL 34698 United States
Successful Treatment of Digestive Track Parasites
53M patient consulted Dr. Biamonte for his digestive tract problem. The patient was experiencing burning in his digestive tract whenever he eats spicy food. All of his symptoms were indicating a leaky gut condition, but the test results from the intestinal permeability test showed negative.

Dr. Biamonte recommended the leaky gut treatment protocol from Wei Laboratories to see if the patient would respond well. The patient completed 1 month of treatment with Pearl and Formula C, in which they reported that he was initially making minor improvements, but nothing significant.

The patient also reported that his symptoms were fluctuating during the week. He felt better for some days initially, then would feel worse the rest of the week. He also reported having better bowel movements for a few days, then he would have unexplained diarrhea. He also noticed that he would get a sour taste in his month which would always premeditate an attack of the symptoms including bad breath, fatigue, headache, hairy overgrowth on his tongue and irregular stools. It seemed that there were other causes for his symptoms of leaky gut and it could be a pathogenic bacteria or parasite.

Dr. Biamonte then recommended 1 month treatment of the parasite products for gut parasites, including 4 Paramin, 4 Brown, 4 LCB, 4 Levera, and 4 Probiosis. After finishing the treatment, patient reported feeling MUCH better. He stated that he has never felt this good in the past 20 years! His symptoms of bad breath, sour taste in the mouth, and hairy overgrowth on his tongue were all gone. He also said that he felt that he has so much more energy and does not have burning pain at all. No more fatigue, no more headaches. However the patient was still experiencing loose stool and diarrhea. Dr. Biamonte then recommended to replace Probiosis with PA and Whitehead which have a much higher potency in clearing gut bacterial infections. With the new modification, patient continued to have further significant improvements.

One month later, the patient was experiencing relapses. Dr. Biamonte reasoned that his wife also had parasites and they might be spreading back and forth to each other since she was also experiencing very similar symptoms. Dr. Biamonte recommended the wife to also begin treatment with the same Wei Laboratories treatments as the patient.

Within two months later, the patient reported feeling even better than what he felt before the relapse, however a few weeks later, it seemed that he was not feeling well again. He started to have symptoms of hot stools, sharp pain in his right rib, headaches (almost like a hangover), occasional dry mouth, achiness and heaviness in his legs, and fatigue. Dr. Biamonte felt that the patient may have spleen damp (metabolic toxin accumulation) as well as low stomach acid; he then recommended a 2 week treatment with Java, Spring Capsule and SJ Formula at one-half dose to add to his treatment.

By the two week mark, the patient reported feeling the BEST he has ever felt! He used to urinate every hour, now that is GONE. The yellow discoloration on the tongue was also ALL GONE!!!! As was the burning feeling in his gut which he had for years all went away. His wife also reported the exact same improvements! The patient said that he is the happiest he has been in the longest time.
Bussiness Hours: 10am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: 1st apt. is $260, follow up apts. $50 tp $180
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