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Michael Biamonte, ND, Nutritionist, CCN
The Biamonte Center
733 Weathersfield Drive
Dunedin, FL 34698 United States
Successful Treatment of Ear Infection and Vertigo
53 y. o. male patient consulted Dr. Biamonte for an ear infection he got about 3-4 months prior. The patient started to get symptoms of vertigo recently, which Dr. Biamonte believes was related to the ear infection. The patient had previously used antibiotics for the infection as well as a homeopathy remedy for the Vertigo. However, he had not seen much improvement. Dr. Biamonte recommended a treatment using Wei Labs Apro, B-2 and Qi Booster for 2 weeks.

Within just 1 week, the patient felt that his vertigo symptoms had improved, however he was having some head pressure and headaches. Dr. Biamonte then recommended the patient reduce the dosage of the Qi Booster, since the Qi Booster improves blood supply to the upper body.

After the Qi Booster dosage was reduced, the headaches and head pressure went away completely. The patient's vertigo and the ear infection were completed resolved. The patient was amazed at such quick results!
Bussiness Hours: 10am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: 1st apt. is $260, follow up apts. $50 tp $180
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