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Michael Biamonte, ND, Nutritionist, CCN
The Biamonte Center
733 Weathersfield Drive
Dunedin, FL 34698 United States
Successful Treatment of Chronic Neck Pain and Stiffness
Dr. Biamonte was approached by a patient with chronic neck pain and stiffness. The patient was unable to move their neck laterally; furthermore, the patient had a considerable amount of calcification within the vertebrae. Dr. Biamonte recommended a regimen of FASTT Patches for inflammation, LC Balancer to increase microcirculation, and WHITEE patches to reduce calcification all in coordination with chiropractic care. The patient wore the patches on for 3 days and off for 2 days. They experienced great sustained results and have finally regained mobility in their neck!
Bussiness Hours: 10am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: 1st apt. is $260, follow up apts. $50 tp $180
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