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Michael Biamonte, ND, Nutritionist, CCN
The Biamonte Center
733 Weathersfield Drive
Dunedin, FL 34698 United States
Successful Treatment of Knee Conditions Avoiding Replacement Surgeries
Dr. Biamonte has successfully treated multiple cases of chronic knee conditions avoiding surgery all together. In many of these cases, patients were already scheduled for knee replacement surgeries mostly due to cartilage issues. But after using the WHITEE patch treatment for a few weeks, the patients conditions improved so quickly that they were able to cancel their knee replacements and avoid surgery all together. As Dr. Biamonte has demonstrated, often times the WHITEE patches can be used for chronic conditions to improve cartilage health naturally and avoid invasive procedures.
Bussiness Hours: 10am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: 1st apt. is $260, follow up apts. $50 tp $180
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