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Herman Vega, PhD, AP, LMHC, SAP
Total Rehab Services
14505 Commerce Way Suite 511
Miami Lakes, FL 33016 United States
Successful Healing of L4-L5 Vertebra Crash and Sciatica
A 60 year old female patient in a very agonizing condition visited Dr. Vega, who determined that she had an L4-L5 vertebra crash and severe radiating pain from a sciatica problem. She was unable to get up and walk normally, and she also suffered from osteoporosis.

When considering her age, the osteoporosis condition, and the degree of the injury, it was thought initially that this would be a very difficult case. Dr. Vega recommended that the patient start a treatment using the WHITEE Patches from Wei Laboratories with hopes that the patch would significantly improve her condition. After using just four of the WHITEE Patches, the patient experienced a wonderful transformation!!! The patient swears by how effective these patches were for her condition since she is now able to walk without pain. Since using the Wei products in conjunction with Dr. Vegas treatments, she is now able to go about her day without any problems, taking walks and even going to the supermarket for grocery shopping.
Bussiness Hours: 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Accept insurance, payment plans, & out-of-pocket
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