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Donna F. Smith, ND, PhD, CCN
Advanced Clinical Nutrition
(940) 761-4045
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Wichita Falls, TX 76310 United States
Edward; On Death Bed, Revived From COPD Coma
Though this case history report on Edward is not one from my own client cases, after reading it, you will understand why I have included it here.

Though Edward had been to many physicians and had tried other therapies, nothing had helped him improve his lung function and he was dying of COPD when his family finally found the nutritional doctor who dispensed the therapeutic whole food supplements that I also include in therapy for my COPD clients.

Edwards first shipment of his COPD supplements arrived when Edward was hospitalized and currently in a COPD coma. His physician had told his family that he would not recover and all funeral arrangements had been made. When his COPD supplements arrived, they were immediately administered; Edward came out of his coma and was shortly discharged from the hospital. Edward continued on his COPD therapeutic supplements and four months later actually contacted the specific Product Company, who made these therapeutic supplements, to express his gratefulness for making the supplements that had saved his life, announcing he and his family were leaving on a Cruise in a few days in celebration of his restored health.

When designing a therapeutic whole food supplement program for my clients, whether in support of a medical diagnosis of COPD, any other health challenges, and/or based on a Clinical Nutrition Analysis of their Laboratory Reports, I use several Product Companies who distribute their clinically-formulated therapeutic supplements only to doctors, like myself, and I received this case report on Edward from a Clinician on staff at one of the Therapeutic Product Companies I use for specific supplements dispensed to my COPD clients.
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Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $45 for 15 minutes or less; $75 for 30 minutes or less; $2 per minute over 30 minutes
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