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Successful Treatment of Liver Cancer Symptoms
A female patient was diagnosed with liver cancer and it was found she had two large masses on her liver; the tumor also had spread to the abdominal, lung and lymph nodes. She also had been having severe bowel issues including diarrhea and intermittent constipation. She had an extremely poor appetite and had been losing weight quickly. She started an herbal treatment with products from Wei Laboratories consisting of LC Balancer, Brown Juice, Xcel Capsules and Qi Booster for 3 weeks. Additionally she began taking the B&B Capsules to enhance appetite. After 1 month of treatment she reported doing a lot better with positive results on her overall well being and better energy. Her weight increased by 3 pounds. Her appetite was back. She then started her chemotherapy while maintaining the herbal treatment.

After 2 months of the treatment, the patient reported things were going really well. Her constipation was pretty much gone, she did not have to take the B&B Capsules and still had an appetite, and her doctor was impressed with her white blood cell count which the doctor attributed to the Qi Booster enhancing immune function. The patient saw great results and could physically feel that tumors in her abdominal area had decreased in size. Her cancer testing showed a dramatic improvement as cancer activity decreased as well. The doctor noted this was very unique progress.
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