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L Jon  Porman, CCSP, RTP
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(480) 812-9000
1425 W Elliot Rd. Ste. #203
Gilbert, AZ 85233 United States
Chronically Injured Long Jumper Became Pain Free in 1 Day
Just wanted to share some exciting news. My Korean long jumper patient just left my office with unexpected great treatment results. Initially the Korean Track Federation only gave me
3 days to evaluate and treat because everyone in Korea said surgery would be unavoidable and they thought my treatment would not help.

Well, she is pain free after 1st day of treatment! Her entire demeanor changed because her pain was gone. Initially she was going to retire next year because of no improvement. Now she says she would like to compete for 3-5 years if she continues to feel this good.

They then gave me 3 more weeks to work with her but she was homesick and had no pain, so they left.

They are talking about making me as their official team doctor now for next 3-5 years. Hopefully more to come because she is a pleasure to work with
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