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Larry Behm, Chiropractic
Exeter Chiropractic Center
3961 Perkiomen Avenue
Reading, PA 19606 United States
Successful Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Relief
Male patient, age 40, began treatment June 1992. Patient presented with carpal tunnel symptoms in both hands that he had been dealing with over the past several years and have been slowly worsening.

Patient was placed on a 1 visit per week schedule and given magnetic bracelets to wear on both wrists. Patient was seen 6 visits over 8 weeks.

Patient was pleased with the treatment and had 90% reduction in symptoms in both hands.
Bussiness Hours: M,W,F 10-12 M,T,W, TH 3:30-6:30
Phone Consulting: No
Fees Schedule: Fees are discussed before procedures are done.
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