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Holly Horan, LAc/MT
Energy Balance
4311 Perth Line 20
RR2 St.Pauls ,  ON N0K1V0 Canada
Successful Treatment for Hip Pain
Valerie is a 30 year old female. Her hobbies are exercising, running and yoga. She came to my clinic complaining of left sided Iliotibial band tightness and hip pain, which has been an ongoing occurrence throughout the years. She has tried many different therapies to gain relief, with little success.

She was very eager to try acupuncture as an alternative therapy to pain medication. I informed her that she would gain some relief by following our treatment plan.

After the very first treatment she was amazed at how much better she was feeling, and could not believe the range of motion that she now had in her hip.

Valerie has had continuous improvement throughout the remainder of the treatment plan, and is now sold on acupuncture as a therapy.
Bussiness Hours: Monday thru Friday
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: All treatments are billed by time: $70 - 60 Minutes, $45 - 30 Minutes
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