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Lana Brown, DC
Chiropractic Health Center of SC, LLC
412 Veterans Rd. Ste. #A
Columbia, SC 29209 United States
Successful Treatment of Multiple Bone Fractures
A male patient of 53 years came in 5 hours after being thrown from his horse. His condition consisted of a spiral fracture on his upper tibia, a split through the center of the tibia from the knee down, and a compound tibia fractures from the tibia end plate to halfway through the shaft. Insistent on not going through surgery, he was diagnosed and treated through a combination of:

Liquid herbal formula and patches for 2 to 4 weeks
Poultice (a combination of avocado, shredded cabbage, cayenne pepper, and lemon) in order to reduce swelling
Laser therapy
Activator adjustments for the knee, fibula, foot, and spine
Homeopathic oils

The entire treatment lasted a total of 10 weeks and resulted in a 100% complete recovery. A liquid herbal intake formula and herbal patches were used for approximately 4 weeks. The x-rays showed no clouding in the joint, no fragments were left behind, nothing was misaligned, and the patient had made substantial progress in his recovery. By the 6th week, the patient could walk without crutches and made a full recovery just a few weeks later. The patient is so pleased that, even after such a traumatic injury, he is able to walk without the need for surgery or pins.
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