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Glenn Eichenauer, Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine
Acupuncture And Holistic Medicine Healing Center
2145 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 45
Osprey, FL 34229 United States
Successful Treatment for Severe Sprain/Strain of Right Foot, Ankle, Leg And Knee
Patient was a 56 yr. old male who came to me for treatment in 2006 for a severe sprain/strain in the right foot, ankle, leg (up and down the lateral aspect of the calf and torn ligaments in his knee.

He had been to another Acupuncture Physician. His current condition upon visiting me was that he could not walk without using crutches because of the pain in his foot, ankle and knee.

Upon examination I found that his foot was still swollen and the tissue had hardened on the medial aspect (it felt like his body had built its own cast on the un-naturally hard was that area). He had pain and swelling beneath the lateral alveolus even down toward the little toe and along the lateral aspect of his foot and surrounding the lateral alveolus.

He described his condition as having hit a plateau which left him unable to walk due to the severe pain he was still having. He had soaked the affected areas in warm water a couple of times a day with Epsom salts, had acupuncture three times a week, applied Tiger Balm diligently, and just was not making any more improvement.

I decided to forgo acupuncture since that had not been effective under his previous Doctors care. I felt that the damage was so severe that the affected areas needed the application of herbs that for thousands of years have been documented to stimulate the body to generate and repair tissues of all types and kinds.

I started treating him using herbal patches on his foot and ankle. I only used one patch on his foot and ankle at a time. So I started with one on the dorsum of the foot as close to the toes as was practical. On his next visit three days later he reported getting significant pain relief within 30 minutes of leaving my office with the patch on, but it stayed that way even after he took the patch off at the end of the second day...He still had some residual pain in that area so we put on another patch...

On his return visit 3 days later, he reported that he got more pain relief and that he no longer had any pain in that area of his foot. We put a patch on the hard and painful area under his medial alveolus.

To keep the repetition to a minimum...I just chased the pain and put the appropriate kind of patch on each damaged area...working my way up finally to the knee...On the knee I would often use two patches one medially and one laterally at a time...the result were always the same...a steady progression of the healing and total relief of the pain in the knee. My patient kept telling me it was a miracle. I agreed.

When we finished our work together about a month and a half later...He was back to normal. He was 100% no more on crutches...he walked and even ran with no pain in his right foot, leg, ankle and knee...

He told me that his entire right leg was now even better than his left which was perfectly normal...He said that on his sail boat he would sometimes get a twinge from his left knee when climbing up and down the stairs into and out of the cabin to the cockpit, and nothing but strength and flexibility and full function including ROM of his foot, ankle and knee...

It was astonishing to say the least...As an Acupuncture Physician and Oriental Medicine Doctor, I felt very grateful and blessed to have had access to herbal patches to achieve a successful conclusion in this most difficult case.

I have many more such success stories that I will be sharing with you over time.
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