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Sean P Brady, Chiropractic Applied Kinesiology
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Female 55 with Gastritis, Fatigue, Insomnia, TMJ, Neck /Shoulder Pain and Foot Pain
Patient presented in November of 2011 with a variety of issues including multiple pain sites, insomnia, fatigue, gastritis, weak nails, and hair falling out. She was on a variety of medications including Protonix, Biaxin and Flagyl. She had seen a variety of specialists with no success.

EXAM: I reviewed blood work from 2008, 2009 and late Sept of 2011 finding a variety of issues including a serum Gastric that was high in 2008 and increased more with each consecutive result. I performed an examination and found various issues including postural hypotension meaning her blood pressure did not rise appropriately moving form lying down to standing. I ordered a salivary Cortisol test to determine what her adrenal stress level was.

ASSESSMENT: Upon reviewing the results from the blood work, examination and various Health Assessment forms I determined she had a major deficiency in Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), and a specific B vitamin Thiamine. I also determined her diet was not appropriate for her. She had multiple areas of fixations and sublimations in her spine and extremities.

TREATMENT: I asked her to decrease her carbohydrates and to increase her protein and vegetables. She was given an HCL supplement and low doses multiple B vitamin that had an increased amount of Thiamin. She was given chiropractic adjustments to areas of fixations and salutations. She also received soft tissue manual therapy and laser treatment to increase cell to cell communication and cellular regeneration.

RESULTS: She reported a dramatic improvement in her digestion almost immediately. Her salivary Cortisol results came in which verified my suspicion that she was in severe adrenal fatigue. Her energy level had increased with the change in diet and taking the HCL and low dose B vitamin supplements but her extremely low level of cortisol indicated she needed more support. I suggested a specific Adrenal formula that helps with hypoglycemia fatigue and insomnia.

Within a few weeks she commented on how well she was sleeping and digesting. She no longer felt like she was dragging all day and her afternoon slump was a thing of the past. Her painful areas had decreased dramatically and she was very happy.

PROGNOSIS: This patient will benefit from ongoing care to maintain her improvements and to help her reach her potential health.

CONCLUSION: A specifically tailored change in diet and supplement protocol determined by Health Assessments and lab work can make a world of difference. Chiropractic care to help the neuron musculoskeletal system will increase well being by eliminating pain and neuron deregulation and increasing the ability to function at optimal level

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