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Daniel E.  Marshall, DC
Marshall Family Chiropractic, P.C.
6950 SW Hampton Street, Suite 305
Tigard, OR 97223 United States
Tendonitis and Cysts in the Knee Show Remarkable Improvement
This patient was a male in his early 50's. He suffered years with tendonitis and a cyst in the back of his knee. He had not received any previous care for his knee. He stated the problems with his knee were keeping him from doing things he loved and were affecting him in his work and exercise routine.

We put him on a program of adjustments at twice a week and also included some muscle work, therapy, and patches to be worn on the knee from Wei Laboratories. We saw him at intervals of 10-15 minutes over a two month period. He responded very well to care and is now back to enjoying the things he loves and able to do his job and his exercise routine again. And, that is the real joy in what we do!
Bussiness Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9-6
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Varies depending on what the patient needs for care.
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