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Donald Snow, D.A.O.M., M.P.H., M.S., L.Ac.
4415 Lake St., Ste. A
Lake Charles, LA 70605 United States
Successful Treatment of COPD, Coughing & Shortness of Breath
Patients: Female, age 69
Chief Complaint: COPD

We employed acupuncture, Russian SCENAR/Comedic Therapy, QRS PemF Quantron therapy, Sheng Mai San, Bu Fei Tang and Bai He Gu Jin Tung therapies also. The Patient started with Soup A & LC Balancer from Wei Laboratories with little results after one month. She added Soup B from Wei Laboratories and made rapid progress ever since. The Patient reported a 90% improvement with her cough and shortness of breath going from 9 out of 10 down to 0.25 out of 10. She still coughs in the morning, but reports that the coughing is getting lighter. The Patient thinks that if her post-nasal drip would stop, so would her cough. She states that she has a lot more energy and now feels like living again.
Bussiness Hours: M-F, 9-5
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Cash $150 per visit - BlueCross BlueShield Insurance Accepted
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