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Felicia M.  Dyess, Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
Felicia Dyes, AP
(904) 240-5927
12627 San Jose Blvd., Suite 504
Jacksonville , FL 32223  United States
Great Success Alleviating Stress
A 35 y.o. mother of 2 small children/military spouse came for acupuncture therapy in March 2012 to help her relieve stress. The stress she experiences is mostly from taking care of both children alone since her husband was on deployment. Whenever this patient is stressed, her eczema flares and she grinds her teeth so hard while sleeping that she actually bit all the way through her mouth guard. Even though this patient is hot to the touch and gets hot easily, she has a hypo-functioning thyroid (usually associated with people who have a tendency to be cold easily) coinciding with excess weight issues even though she is very active in martial arts. After the 1st acupuncture session, the patient experienced extreme thirst for 3 days and drank large amounts of water over her usual consumption as well as having reduced neck/shoulder tension. After the 2nd session, the patient felt like her core temperature was normal and she was venting radiant heat from her body that other people could feel. The third session the patient felt less stressed and more energized and her morning walks became jogs. After the 4th session, the patient stated she felt stronger and more emotionally stable and was exhilarated with her good results. The patient has decided to keep coming every 2 weeks (after coming 1x/week for 6 weeks) and now wants her treatments to focus on weight loss.
Bussiness Hours: Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday mornings - All By Appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Initial Comprehensive Session is $85 and subsequent sessions are $85; Initial phone consult for herbal treatment $75
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