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Felicia M.  Dyess, Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
Felicia Dyes, AP
(904) 240-5927
12627 San Jose Blvd., Suite 504
Jacksonville , FL 32223  United States
Amazing Knee Pain Relief
In Sept. 2009, I treated a 52 y.o. female patient who suffered from diabetes, extreme obesity, and severe low back and knee pain. The patient had been involved in 2 motor vehicle accidents which was the initial cause of her back and knee pain and caused her to walk assisted with a cane. After one session of acupuncture, which focused on overall strengthening as well as stimulation of the blood and QI in the knees, the patient was able to walk without a cane for 3 months. Due to the injuries of the patient and health history she is unable to work and has a very limited income. She is only able to come in for therapy every 1 to 3 months even though she really needs more consistent care. Still the patient is very grateful for the intermittent pain relief and sense of increased energy and well-being she receives whenever she is able to get acupuncture.
Bussiness Hours: Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday mornings - All By Appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: Initial Comprehensive Session is $85 and subsequent sessions are $85; Initial phone consult for herbal treatment $75
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