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Shawn Pallotti, DC
King George Family Chiropractic
9305 Kings Hwy Suite A
King George, VA 22485 United States
Successful Healing Process of 7mm Tear in Tendon
A 45 year old migrant worked had been exposed to very hard physical labor over many years. He had approached Dr. Pallotti about nine months ago with a back problem which had been successfully treated. Two months ago the same patient came again with a 7mm tear in his tendon muscle junction which had been diagnosed based on an MRI. The orthopedic had suggested surgery. The patient, however, did not have time due to the work load on the farm. His entire right side had been dysfunctional.

Dr. Pallotti applied two WHITEE patches one month each (to make it affordable). He also worked on his soft tissue based on two pro adjusters (two mechanical guns which introduce mechanical force to hit any abnormality in the tissues as well as any swelling and fixation). In addition, adjustments at C7 and the T1 rib have been applied.

The patient has been truly improving as the pain level continuously decreases. He is still in the treatment process.
Bussiness Hours: Mo, We, Fr. (7.30-12 and 2-6); Tue (2-6), Sat (7.30-11)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $50 per office visit
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