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Susan Wigley, DC
Wigley Chropractic
1175 Saratoga Ave Ste: 18
San Jose, CA 95129 United States
Successful Healing Upper and Mid-Back Pain from Injury
A male patient of age 41 (surgeon) suffered from constant upper to mid back pain. The pain was initiated from the consequences of a bicycle accident a few years prior. The patient even used a tens unit to function within debilitating pain during surgery. A hyperkyphotic curve was diagnosed as an additional contributing factor.

A chiropractic program was applied for one year (one session a week). The treatment showed quick results. The tens unit was eliminated after the first two weeks. The following 8 months of treatment served to stabilize everything with a subsequent maintenance period of about three months.

Unfortunately, the patient incurred a car accident during the maintenance period. As a result, another six months period of stabilization had to be applied.

The patient has been well ever since the treatment program has been completed. Now the patient is on a preventative maintenance schedule to improve the conditions even further.
Bussiness Hours: Mo, Wed, Fri (8AM-6PM)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: by arrangement
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