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Stephen Warren, DC
Abundant Life Wellness Center
10203 East 101st Street North
Owasso, OK 74055 United States
Successful Treatment of Hepatitis C
A Vietnam veteran had been diagnosed with hepatitis C. He got infected by vaccinations with the spray gun when signing into the military. Evidently, contaminated liquid had been absorbed by the body via the skin. The disease had not been identified for many years. As a result, the patient had incurred substantial liver damage. His liver deficiencies had reached chronic character with potential for soon liver failure.

In addition, the patient suffered from several other symptoms such as trauma and effects from Agent Orange exposure. He had also been ejected through the closed canopy of a fighter jet during his service in Vietnam.

Due to the critical liver condition, medical doctors had recommended to start an interferon treatment. One shot per month for a period of one year was to be applied. The treatment has a number of serious side effects and is considered similar to the nature of chemotherapy. Side effects such as potential suicide and depression are quite expected. As few as 10 to 20% of the patients are expected to get better. In most cases the side effects result in an overall decline of health.

Comparing the treatment options including expected side effects the patient decided to try an herbal treatment program with Chinese medicine from Wei Lab. The program comprised a six week treatment with Wei Laboratories Brown Juice and LC Balancer.

Upon completion and in preparation for the interferon treatment recommended by the medical doctor the patient did another blood test. The results were amazing. Liver enzymes turned out to be almost normal and the viral load appeared to be almost non-existent.

The results had been so remarkable that the patients medical doctor did not trust them and still suggested an interferon treatment. However, based on the results from the blood test the patient turned down the advice.

As a preventative measure, the six week herbal treatment program with Wei Laboratories Brown Juice and LC Balancer was repeated one year after the initial success. The annual blood test afterwards confirmed the positive results seen the first time. This time the liver enzymes turned out to be completely normal and the viral load was identified to be zero.

Three years later another preventative 6 week protocol had been applied. The blood work afterwards turned out to be essentially normal. The patients liver has shown proper health ever since.
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