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Gary Cools, DC
5782 W US-10
Ludington, MI 49431 United States
Successful Treatment of Jet Lag, Virus Infection, and Adrenal Exhaustion
A young lady with a type A personality worked in a high stress job. She was a company representative and real goal getter. She had to deal with a lot of purchase activities in China which implied a heavy load of travel to Asia. As a consequence she picked up 5 different viruses, serious permanent jetlag as well as adrenal exhaustion.

The first two weeks of treatment were focused to eliminate the viruses. In a second step the jetlag was removed by adjusting the patient back to the local time zone (be in sync with MI). Now the patient was able to get reasonable sleep. In a third step tissue therapy was applied (special natural medicine from Seroyal, New Zealand). Note: Bovine source is cattle from New Zealand. The producers are very careful about the source. They would not accept products from Europe because under these circumstances they are not safe enough.
Bussiness Hours: 9AM to 5:30PM (Monday thru Friday)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: call for details
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