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James J.  Sadleir,  DC, LAc.Dipl.Ac.NCCAOM
Acupuncture-Chiropractic Clinic
(847) 870-0280
1010 S Arlington Heights Rd., Ste. 4
Arlington Height, , IL 60005 United States
Successful Treatment of Xerostomia (dry mouth) - 2 Cases
Male 53 years old. Treated for xerostomia (dry mouth). This patient had been treated with chiropractic and acupuncture at various times over the years for his back pain. He presented himself in my office with a new problem: xerostomia, also known as dry mouth. This condition arises as a possible side effect of radiation therapy for throat cancer. The dry mouth condition is noticeable while swallowing food and while talking or during normal activity during the day. This patient was concerned that he was unable to play his trumpet in the city band due to the lack of salivation. The treatment was conducted with the results being forwarded on to his oncologist at the University of Chicago Hospital.

The patients response was good. Shortly he regained the majority of his salivatory process. The extent of recovery enabled him to return to playing his trumpet in his local city band.

Male 57 years old. This man was treated for xerostomia (dry mouth) after radiation therapy of his throat at the University of Chicago Hospital. The treatment consisted of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments to balance the body and help the salivary process. The patient was experiencing mouth dryness throughout the day noticeable while speaking and especially while eating.

After several weeks the patient was able to regain an improved salivation process.

Male 60 years old. This patient came into my office for treatment of xerostomia (dry mouth) while traveling. He had previously been treated with acupuncture for this condition by an acupuncturist in his home town. Periodically he would return for treatment to maintain his salivation. The patient spoke with the University of Chicago Hospital to locate an acupuncturist that successfully treated xerostomia. He was given my name and number.

The acupuncture treatment was administered and since the patient has previously been under treatment an immediate improvement in the functioning of the salivary gland was accomplished.
Bussiness Hours: M-F 9:00am - 12:00pm; 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: By arrangement
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