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Monica Gfrorer, DOM, AP
Park Ave Acupuncture
228 Park Avenue North, Suite E
Winter Park, FL 32789 United States
Successful Treatment of Severe Pain in Arm
A female patient, age 62, came for treatment in August 2008. She suffered from severe pain in her left shoulder and arm (she could not lift the arm (her left breast had been removed)). In addition, she then fell off a ladder, causing her to experience added heavy pain with increasing intensity on her left side. She had been in pain for about five months.

Dr. Gfrorer prescribed six acupuncture treatments (once a week). The results turned out remarkably well. After the first session the patient could lift her left arm all the way up with about 95% of the pain level gone. Dr. Gfrorer continued with five more treatments. After the second session the pain had been removed completely. The remaining sessions served to eliminate a variety of additional symptoms such as stress.

The results have sustained ever since. There has not been any maintenance necessary.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $85 Initial Visit; $75 Follow-Up Visits
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