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Monica Gfrorer, DOM, AP
Park Ave Acupuncture
228 Park Avenue North, Suite E
Winter Park, FL 32789 United States
Successful Elimination of Gynecological Infections
A female patient, age 33, had been diagnosed with several gynecological infections in 2009. She had suffered from them for more than one year. In addition, she had a sensitive stomach that was easily upset.

Dr. Gfrorer prescribed a combined treatment program composed of dietary changes acupuncture and herbal remedies (3 sessions, one treatment a week).

The results have been remarkable. All infections had been eliminated. No discharge had been left after completing the treatment. Digestive symptoms were removed as well.

The results have sustained ever since. There is no maintenance necessary.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $85 Initial Visit; $75 Follow-Up Visits
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