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Successful Healing of Tongue and Colon Cancer
A female patient was diagnosed with tongue cancer in January 1999. The MD prescribed radiation treatments once a day for four weeks. Since the tumor neither had nor shrunk, another radiation treatment program of three weeks with two treatments a day was imposed. The patient received the maximum radiation possible. As a result, her tongue and neck had turned into a dark black color.

A subsequent biopsy unveiled that the tumor had not been reduced in size. It was still malignant.

Shortly after this conclusion, the patient had also been diagnosed with colon cancer. The tumor was removed in a surgery. A feeding tube was inserted into her stomach due to the fact that the pain did not allow the patient to eat.

The patient was started on a hospice program. A morphine pump was inserted into her left arm. Twenty units of morphine per day had been infused to reduce the pain.

Meanwhile, the patient had been declared terminal. The MDs did not have further solutions. A friend started to treat the patient with herbal tinctures, food supplements, castor oils packs, herbal poultices, reflexology, and herbal teas.

Based on some insight from Dr. Lubeckis book, Living without Pain, the friend took the patient to Dr. Lubeckis practice. Dr. Lubecki explained that the main problem with cancer patients is a weakness of the immune system.

Dr. Lubecki applied a combined treatment. He adjusted the patients atlas and skull and provided the patient with a homeopathic detox box for daily use. In addition, the patient is being treated regularly with a soft laser besides given regular desensitization treatments to all foods and anything that she comes in contact with.

The results have been amazing. The tumor shrank by about 60-70% within the first week. The patient had hardly any pain for the first time in a year. She was able to place food in her mouth. She ate papayas and avocados again. She gained three pounds and became a lot stronger. The doses of morphine were cut in half without any increase in pain.

This is an ongoing treatment. It is hoped that the patient can be taken off the morphine in another week or two. The trend appears to be very promising to achieve a complete healing.
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