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John Lubecki, DC
Lubecki Chiropractic Office
7405 Winding Way
Fair Oaks, CA 95628 United States
Successful Elimination of Chest Pain from Infection and Pneumonia
A female patient suffered from a dull pain in the right side of the chest. After observing the pain for three to four weeks, the family doctor was consulted for advice. Since no reason for the pain could be identified blood work was ordered. The blood tests did not yield any results either. The patient went to a hospital to have further diagnostic procedures done (MRI, CT scans, radioactive tests, angiograms, blood tests and so on). Unfortunately, the hospital did not find out the reason either.

The pain had a constant appearance, was sharp and gradually increased. The pain level was at about 4 (out of 10) and increased to 6-7 when turning the body to the right. It interfered with the patients sleep and caused depression and a hopeless attitude.
By luck the patient went to a second hand book store and bought a book called, Better Health Through Body Balancing, written by Dr. Lubecki. She found out that Dr. Lubecki is a chiropractor who practices in Fair Oaks, California. Given the hopeless situation she called him and made an appointment the same day (Sunday).

Based on Dr. Lubeckis examination an infection and a chronic, low grade pneumonia had been diagnosed. Dr. Lubecki prescribed a total of three treatments based on the homeopathic imprinter and an ionic foot bath.

The results have been amazing. The pain incurred during over two years had been eliminated. The results have sustained ever since.
Bussiness Hours: 9AM-10PM (Mo-Sun)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: by arrangement
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