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Jacklin Arastouzadeh, B.A UCLA, LA.c, Dipl. Ac, N.B.A.O., Qualified Medical Evaluator, Former UCLA Research Acupuncturist
Compassionate Healing
9025 Wilshire Blvd.Ste. #311
Beverly Hills, CA 90211 United States
Successful Healing of Complex Set of Symptoms with Herbal Treatment Program
A long-term patient (patient for ten years now), age 55 and male, came for first time treatment in 2001. He had been diagnosed with hepatitis B, thoracic arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diverticulitis, allergies, prostate problems, hemorrhoids, and shoulder problems. The patient considered himself dying at that point.

A comprehensive treatment program composed of 30 sessions for a total length of eight months (one session per week) was prescribed. It was composed of acupuncture and herbal protocol including Brown and LC Balancer and additional self-made herbs.

After six months the treatment program had eliminated all symptoms except for the thoracic arthritis. A preventive maintenance schedule (once a week) has been applied ever since. It just needed the right herbal mix and acupuncture to cure a complex set of symptoms. The patient has been loyal for ten years now.
Bussiness Hours: 11AM to 5PM Mo-Fri; Wed: 11AM to 7PM; Tue closed
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $235 for first appointment and $150 for follow ups (sliding scale)
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