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Patricia Blaine, LAc
Bothell Acupuncture
10137 Main Street, Suite #5
Bothell, WA 98011 United States
Healing of Cervical Arthritis in Elderly Female
A female patient, age 83, had a medical history of cervical osteoarthritis characterized by extreme pain levels and severe restrictions of motion. She had gone through a variety of treatments (e.g. gold injections). None of those provided relief. The symptoms started in 2004 and were particularly located in the neck area. The patient arrived at Dr. Blaines office in 2009.

Dr. Blaine prescribed an exclusive treatment program with 12 herbal patches (2 days on and 1 day off) for a total of 6 weeks. The pain seemed to get a little worse during the first two weeks. As a result, Dr. Blaine increased the resting period without patch from one to two days. As a consequence, the pain level started to continuously decrease. The pain did not completely disappear during the treatment program but became reduced from 10 to 3. Two weeks after the patches had been completely eliminated the pain disappeared. It never came back ever since. The results have been sustained for two years now.

Note that Dr. Blaine had to impose of lot of convincing to keep the patient on the patches. Once the treatment had completely removed the pain the patient became ecstatic.

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