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Alicia Morris, MT
Ojai Lymphatic Therapy Center
236 Ojai Avenue, Suite 104
Ojai, CA 93023 United States
Successful Elimination of Pharmaceuticals, Sleeping Disorder, Anxiety and Depression
A female patient of age 52 was diagnosed with anxiety, pressure as well as lack of sleep. She used to wake up in the middle of the night and had occasional panic attacks. Her weight loss programs had failed. Given her bad mental state she had been diagnosed with symptoms of depression. As a result she was on Prozac (medication).

A combined treatment program of six sessions had been prescribed for a total of six weeks (one session per week). It was composed of a lymphatic treatment (manual Vodder technique developed in 1920s) applied to various body segments as well as the Lymphstar Technology (sonar device working with sound vibration).

The results after six sessions turned out to be remarkable. The patient had stopped taking the anti-anxiety medication. In addition, the dosage of anti-depressants (Prozac) had been substantially reduced. She reported much better sleeping performance. The only problem left was the patients decision not to change her diet.

After being finished with the basic treatment (6 sessions) the patient continued with one maintenance session every other week. The overall treatment program ended after a total of 12 sessions.

After nine treatments the patient reported a remarkable improvement in her health. She experienced a positive response as she suddenly felt the true results of the elimination of a variety of toxins. She started exercising again. The patient has been on preventive maintenance ever since (every other week). The results have sustained. Her overall state of health could be even better if she agreed to change the diet.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment, Mo+We+Fri (9-6.30; Lunch Break: 12.30-2.30)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $100 per 90 min session
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