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Alicia Morris, MT
Ojai Lymphatic Therapy Center
236 Ojai Avenue, Suite 104
Ojai, CA 93023 United States
Successful Elimination of a Breast Cyst
A female patient, age 55, came for treatment in 2010. She had found a cyst in her breast which had not been detected in the mammogram. Given that her family has had cases of breast cancer she was concerned. She had approached a thermographer who had recommended an ultrasound. As a result a cyst behind the nipple had been identified. The thermographer recommended lymphatic treatment.

A treatment program of six sessions (once a week for 90 minutes) was applied. Two maintenance sessions were added every other week (until the re-evaluation). The treatment program was composed of lymphatic treatment and Lymphstar technology. The treatment focused on the breast area.

The treatment results showed full elimination of the inflamed area (removal of abnormal tissue). A subsequent thermography testified a completely healed breast. The patient had also been relieved from her initial pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS). The results have sustained ever since.
Bussiness Hours: by appointment, Mo+We+Fri (9-6.30; Lunch Break: 12.30-2.30)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $100 per 90 min session
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