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Jim McCarty, DC
Central Nervous System Restoration Institute
9490 S. Aspen Hill Way
Lone Tree, CO 80124 United States
Successful Resolution of Severe Hearing Loss and Tinnitus
A male patient, age 41, came for treatment in September 2004. He had been diagnosed with tinnitus and hearing loss. His left ear was almost deaf. The patient expressed a perception of fullness and ringing (left ear). In addition, he felt chronic tightness and pain in his lower back as well as occasional pain in his right hip. Last but not least he suffered from muscle spasm and knots in his upper back and neck as well as grinding of his teeth at night.

Dr. McCarty applied an exclusive CNSR (Central Nervous System Respiration) therapy over a period of two years (10 series of 4 sessions each). He started with 4 series in September and December 2004. Another 4 series were implemented in March and May 2006. In 2010, the patient received a tune-up of two more series.

The outcome of the treatment has been truly positive. The patient regained his hearing after the first two series of CNSR (8 sessions in one week). The tinnitus was completely removed. The feeling of fullness completely disappeared. Also, his back felt normal again and his neck and upper back achieved a far better range of motion. The grinding had been completely eliminated. Finally, the patients mental state had become much clearer. He had become a much more positive and outgoing person (emotionally and socially). The patient testified to have much more energy now.
Bussiness Hours: By Appointment Only
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: depending on the treatment plan
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