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Marco Cazares, DC
Spinal Injury Center
81765 Highway 111, Suite 3
Indio, CA 92201 United States
Successful Treatment of Bone-on-Bone Knee Osteoarthritis
A 92-year old Hispanic female presented to Dr. Marco Cazares with complaints of chronic knee joint pain, with difficulty bending, walking, getting up from a chair and nocturnal pain. The patient describes severe joint pain, with a swelling of the inner and outer aspect of the knee joint capsule, with a pain intensity level of an 8 out of 10, 10 being the worse. For ambulation, the patient uses a walker and she can only walk for approximately 10 to 12 minutes, and stops for rest. For relief, the patient has been prescribed Diclofenac, Tramadol, and Naproxen Sodium, but due to the side effects of these medications, the patient has stopped using them, and relies mainly on icepacks and a knee brace. The patient is worried that her condition is getting worse and she does not want to have knee surgery.

The patient has been seen by two orthopedic surgeons and has had extensive physical therapy. Her last orthopedic evaluation recommended partial knee replacement for her right knee, with a possibility of a repeat knee surgery on her left knee. The patient has ratable findings for severe osteo-degeneration type III/IV, with near bone-on-bone joint arthritis. Both MRI and X-ray are consistent with her exam findings.

The patient has the option of surgical intervention; however, the risks outweigh the benefits for a person of her age. The patient was also recommended Synvisc injection of the option of PRP and stem cell injections, however, due to the cost the patient has postponed this. Her third option was to commence on a trial of transdermal herbal patches from Wei Laboratories, in conjunction with LC Balancer herbal formula that enhances microcirculation to the joints. There are no reported side effects with these formulas. After a family consultation, the patient elected to try a conservative approach using Chinese Medicine and transdermal patches from Wei Laboratories.

After eight weeks using transdermal medicinal patches applied to the inner and lateral aspect of the knee the patient has noted substantial relief in joint pain and swelling, with improvement in range of motion. The patient wore the patches for 48 hours, with a rest of 24 hours in between patches, and used approximately 12 patches. The patient can now bend or extend her leg without pain, with flexion much improved between 70 and 120 degrees, and this is measured bilaterally. As for activities of daily living, the patient has returned to sweeping and mopping her own house, doing dishes, vacuuming, and even walking around her complex. She is proud to report that she can now walk three times around her complex, which is equivalent to three city blocks and in spite of this effort she has no joint swelling. The patient states nocturnal pain is no longer experienced. She is extremely happy with the results. Re-evaluation of this patient revealed an improvement of joint articular height, which was consistent with MRI findings, decreased joint effusion, and apparent changes in the articular structure.

The patient has improved with transdermal medicinal patches and Chinese medicine through the products from Wei Laboratories. Her results are rated as good to excellent.
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