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Severe Hip Pain and Digestive Problems Can Be Eliminated
John is a 55 year old very active male. His hobbies are surfing, dancing and he dearly loves the outdoor Florida lifestyle. He came to me complaining of bilateral hip pain, which started about five years previous. He has tried a lot of different therapies without very much success and was very concerned he would have to give up dancing because of restricted mobility and pain. He was very much interested in the prevention of hip replacement in future years.

During the consultation he also reported having low energy, felt stiff all over and had a history of acid reflux, stomach ulcers and periodic stomach pain. Upon examination it was discovered that he had severe bilateral hip tightness with noticeable limitation of mobility and his hips felt cold to the touch with hardening of the hips and surrounding muscle tissue.

I told him his prognosis was very good if he followed our treatment plan. He expressed interest in getting started right away and so began his treatment. At his follow up consultation two weeks later, he reported an immediate increase in energy upon starting the therapy.

He was given herbal treatment. The first week into the treatment his hips felt a little more painful, especially at night. By the second week the hip pain had subsided and he felt that he was moving better. He was told to continue his treatment protocol and return two weeks later. At week three his Tango instructor commented on his improved flexibility.

John has continued to improve and at his recent visit reports that the pain in his hips is gone and he can now do a 180 degree contra-body twist in his dance class. He also had much more energy and his digestive symptoms have all been resolved. He sleeps better now than he has for many years.
Bussiness Hours: Tue+Wed+Thur (9-6) + Sat (9-3)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $95 (first visit) and $50 afterwards (sometimes by arrangement)
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