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Brian Hess, DC
Hess Chiropractic Center
(540) 825-6445
201 Southgate Shopping Center
Culpeper, VA 22701 United States
Successful Symptom Resolution of a Pulmonary Fibrosis Patient in One Month
A 73 y.o. female patient of Dr. Brian Hess was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. Her CT scan results showed that she had significant pulmonary fibrosis, lung scarring, bronchiectasis, and possible lung infections. She was complaining of coughing and excessive phlegm and she was worried that her lungs would be filled with phlegm if she could not get effective treatment.

Based on a comprehensive evaluation of her overall health condition, Dr. Hess pointed out that her symptoms of post-nasal drip, sinus problems, etc.; her CT scan results with Bronchiectasis; and her chemical contamination (Heptachlor contamination) all signaled that she had respiratory track Mycoplasma and/or Mycobacteria infections that needed to be cleared out in order to fully get her condition controlled. Dr. Hess recommended a combined treatment protocol which included lung Mycoplasma and/or Mycobacteria infection clearing treatment and Pulmonary Fibrosis treatment. The protocol used Wei Laboratories herbal formulas. The lung Mycoplasma and/or Mycobacteria infection clearing formulas prescribed were Clearlung, Jade, Java, and Newbase. ClearLung helps clear lung inflammation in the bronchi and air sacs caused by infections or irritants. Jade increases blood flow to the lungs and enhances its immunity. Java helps improve lymphatic circulation. NewBase removes deficiency heat in the kidneys. The Pulmonary Fibrosis treatment included Soup A, Soup B and LC Balancer. Soup A nurtures the lung structure and assists in new tissue generation. Soup B helps dissolve lung scarring and fibrotic tissues. The LC Balancer enhances the microcirculation and clears up mucus and inflammation in the bronchial tubes. Dr. Hess recommended the following dosage: in the morning ClearLung 3 capsules, Jade 3 capsules, Java 2 capsules and NewBase 3 capsules. In the afternoon Soup A 3 capsules, Soup B 3 capsules, and LC Balancer 4 capsules.

The patient started taking the herbal formulas on June 15. On June 20, 5 days since the treatment began, her nose had been cleared. On June 21, the patient reported her oxygen saturation tested by her oximeter had increased to 96-98% since the treatment, compared with 88-90% before. On June 23, her nose was completely cleared out. On July 6, 21 days after the treatment, she was breathing normal and she felt a lot better. On July 20, just a little over a month, she felt 100% better! She was very happy with her improvement. Right now the patient is continuing the same treatment to consolidate the improvement.
Bussiness Hours: Tue+Wed+Thur (9-6) + Sat (9-3)
Phone Consulting: Yes
Fees Schedule: $95 (first visit) and $50 afterwards (sometimes by arrangement)
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